Pixlr is a free and convenient editor for photo corrections and incredible effects. Pixlr offers all the tools you need to make professional-looking photos, whether you're a beginner or a pro. With Pixlr, you can remove blemishes, change colors, add filters, and more. Pixlr is the perfect tool for making your photos look their best. To download Pixlr for free, official version, follow the link on this page. You can use Pixlr on Android OS.

The features of Pixlr editor

Pixlr is a powerful photo editor that offers a wide range of features to help you make your photos look their best: 

  • blemish removal, color correction, and filter effects;
  • easy to use, even for beginners. The user-friendly interface makes it simple to find the right tool for the job;
  • free to use, so you can make your photos look their best without spending a fortune.

How to download Pixlr on Android

To download Pixlr, click the "Download" button on this page. Once the file has downloaded, open it and follow the instructions to install the software.


Pixlr is a great photo editor that can be used for basic editing tasks such as cropping, resizing, and adding text or filters to images. For more advanced editing, Pixlr also offers layers, masking, and selection tools. It is a free and easy-to-use photo editor that is perfect for basic editing tasks. So try out Pixlr today and see how easy it is to create stunning photos!